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Has your business or hotel ever considered an electric vehicle charger at your location? The Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association is looking for locations to accommodate some exciting new opportunities for your business!

In Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole, there are more and more people driving electric vehicles all the time. These cars are becoming more cost effective and have a much longer driving range. The battery technology is constantly improving and the fast charging infrastructure is being deployed from coast to coast. This means that more people are going on driving vacations than ever before in their electric vehicle. 

Hotel and business associations have noticed more inquiries from these drivers looking for places to charge their cars as they shop in their stores or stay overnight at their hotels. For the majority of these drivers, the convenience of these chargers typically dictate where they stay or shop. According to a study by EV Obsession, approximately 60% of EV owners have a household income over $100,000 (the median in the U.S. is approximately $53,000) – a target consumer for many retail locations. For this reason, there have been several thousand of these electric vehicle chargers installed at shopping malls and hotels. Simply put, these people spend their money where the chargers are located. 

Saskpower has created an information page for electric vehicle charging that discusses the various levels of chargers:

The cost of these chargers is minimal compared to the long term benefit of essentially having a captive audience who are sitting in your parking lot as their car charges. A solid, reliable and safe charger for most hotels and businesses would cost anywhere from $3000 – $5000 including installation. Most hotel stays cost an average of $150 per stay with most cars consuming approximately $5 to $10 of electricity overnight. 

Check out these links from various business and hotel associations in North America

Natural Resources Canada Funding Program for electric vehicle chargers

Our group is not selling these chargers, nor do we install them, so we gain no benefit from these chargers aside from the availability of infrastructure for electric vehicles. We are looking to expand charging options at local businesses in Regina to accommodate long distance travellers from out of town in hotels. We are also looking for businesses willing to host an electric vehicle charger on their premises to provide charging at great locations throughout the city. We are looking for a total of 20 locations around the Regina area.

Please contact us at if you have any questions related to how an electric vehicle could work for you at your business or hotel!

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