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*Please Note* This offer is exclusively for SEVA paid premium members and cannot be combined with any other offers. To take advantage of these discounts simply present your valid digital membership card when paying for your purchase!




As most EV owners intend on keeping their vehicles for a much longer period of time than a traditional fuel-powered vehicle, we have found that this had lead to a higher interest in protecting these investments for years to come without the worry of paint chips, corrosion, deep scratches, etc., typically caused without durable protection in place. 

As such, we are offering free upgrades based on the Paint Protection Film Service purchased:

Partial Front End (Bumper, 24″ Hood/Fender Kit)

  • Free Door Edges
  • Free 2 Month Sealant on Entire Vehicle
  • Total Value: $175.00 in free upgrades.

Full Front End (Bumper, Full Hood/Fenders, Headlights, Mirrors)

  • Free Door Edges
  • Free Door Cups
  • Free Essentials Wash + 6 Month Sealant on Entire Vehicle
  • Total Value: Up to $425.00 in free upgrades.

Complete Vehicle Coverage

  • Free 1+ Year Ceramic Coating on all Paintwork
  • Free 2 Year Windshield Coating
  • Free 6 Month Wheel Sealant
  • Total Value: Up to $800.00 in free upgrades.





For those who may not be ready for Paint Protection Film, or already have some installed and are simply looking for a way to keep their vehicles stay cleaner for longer, and incredibly easy to wash for years to come without ever needing to wax – ceramic coatings are the answer. They provide unparalleled levels of environmental protection, durable UV and chemical resistance, and a high gloss and shine that doesn’t fade for years. They also repel water thanks to their hydrophobic nature, making the vehicles incredibly easy to wash year round

Here are the free upgrades based on the Ceramic Coating service purchased:

  • CQuartz Finest Reserve: Receive (1) FREE Ceramic Ultra Maintenance Wash ($250.00 value).
  • Ultra (5 Year): Receive (1) FREE Ceramic Plus Maintenance Wash ($150.00 value)
  • Premium (3 Year): Receive (1) FREE Ceramic Essentials Maintenance Wash ($85.00 value)




As EV owners typically keep in mind their environmental impact, we are proudly introducing a new line of Eco-Friendly Detailing Services. These are both eco-friendly, and ECOnomical (sorry, had to spell it that way!). Using all biodegradable products, little power for the process, and minimal water for the least environmental impact available, these services are designed to safely and gently clean and protect a vehicle’s exterior. Adds 1-2 months hydrophobic protection, gloss and slickness to the surface. These services are designed for well-kept vehicles, and are not suitable for vehicles with excess mud, salt, or other contamination that would require a more extensive cleansing process. 


  1. For SEVA, we are offering a simple program – For every 4 washes purchased, receive your 5th free. Cost of service ranges from $60.00 for small cars, $90.00 for larger EV’s. Valid only on EV vehicles, members of SEVA.


$2.00 taken off every car wash total, and this is not limited just to your EV!

Regina Car Wash also offers a variety of amenities like Presoak, Tire & Engine cleaner, Natural Horse Hair brushes, indoor vacuums, ceramic coat paint sealer and wax, spot free rinse, compressed air, and even towels at no charge to wipe down your vehicle when you are done washing.

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