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*Please Note* This offer is exclusively for SEVA paid premium members and cannot be combined with any other offers. To take advantage of these discounts simply present your valid digital membership card when paying for your purchase!

VPS REGINA – Your Automotive Protection Specialists
Our team at VPS Regina has proudly protected over 150 EV’s for owners of Regina & the surrounding areas with paint protection film, ceramic coatings, and window tint! Our 10+ years of experience have led to the creation of the curated packaged listed below that are designed to protect your investment & retain a showroom-fresh condition for years.
Paint Protection Film
Say NO to stone chips and scratches in your vehicle’s paint! VPS Regina is a Certified SunTek Paint Protection Film facility – offering revolutionary, ultra-clear & self-healing film that protects your vehicle’s delicate paint against stone chips, scratches, road rash, and more! Our film’s industry-unique topcoat is infused with a ceramic coating that repels water and contamination – making washing incredibly easy. Backed by a 10+ Year Warranty, our film’s incredible gloss and clarity alongside VPS’s signature custom install ensures superior coverage and a near-invisible result to keep your vehicle like-new for years to come.
Ceramic Coatings
Have a clean, shiny car year-round! With up to 7 years of guaranteed durability, our ceramic coatings keep your investment looking its absolute best by a
VPS Regina is proudly Saskatchewan’s pioneer in automotive ceramic coatings with over a decade of experience and over 1000 vehicles coated! We are the exclusive installers of the world-leading CQuartz Finest line of coatings, alongside Revivify Coatings. All of our coating services include a complete exterior decontamination & detail, alongside a gloss-enhancing paint polish and ceramic treatment. 
All Paid SEVA members are eligible for the following benefits:
  • 15% off all Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Film services
  • FREE 1-Year Ceramic Coating with the purchase of our Track or Gravel PPF Packages. Includes paint & film coating. ($550+ value)
  • FREE Windshield Ceramic Coating with the purchase of any Paint Protection Film Package ($175 value)
  • FREE 2-Year Ceramic Coating on any Full Body Paint Protection Film Package. Includes paint, film, glass, & wheel face coating. ($1100 Value)
* Cannot be combined with any other SEVA offers
**All the above offers are exclusive to paid SEVA members and cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.


$2.00 taken off every car wash total, and this is not limited just to your EV!

Regina Car Wash also offers a variety of amenities like Presoak, Tire & Engine cleaner, Natural Horse Hair brushes, indoor vacuums, ceramic coat paint sealer and wax, spot free rinse, compressed air, and even towels at no charge to wipe down your vehicle when you are done washing.

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